Monday, November 07, 2005

"KO-YO" in Berlin

Dez.2003 in Kamakura

In Japan October and November are called as "season of KO-YO". "KO-YO (紅葉)" literally means "red leaves". How beautiful maple leaves turn red and yellow in fall! From ancient times many poets and authors have expressed the beauty of autumn leaves. Compared to Japanese automn, "KO-YO" in Germany is not so colorful; leaves turn only yellow. But I think it is also beautiful. Here are the photos I took recently in the street "Unter den Linden".

"Unter den Linden" means "under linden or lime trees". The street is one of the most famous boulevard in Berlin runs from Brandenburg Gate to Palace Bridge (Schloß Brücke).

In front of Deutsches Theater

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